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Thursday, September 29, 2016
By Lisa H Carter
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" We don't want to be Posed."

Im sure you've heard this before or even said it to your photographer. I usually ask them, "do you want to look your best?" and of course the answer is always YES. Thats why they come to a professional to be photographed. What people really are saying is they want to look relaxed and natural. Posing is a huge part of making that happen. You have to know what works for all body types, heights and both for men and women. Posing groups for family portraits, posing to slenderize areas we don't want to draw attention to, posing to show a mood or personality. So YES, you do want to be posed, but you just don't want to look stiff and awkward or unnatural. 

We had our first instruction class on posing women this week! We had a great hands-on workshop and I know everyone picked up some tips that they will use to improve their photography skills!  Our next posing class is for posing MEN and Groups! Check out the class registrations if you wish to join us! I also have a private group on Facebook for my classes and workshops....if your not there and wish to me added send me a request. PHOTOBYLISA Classes and Workshops is the group name. 



Thursday, September 08, 2016
By Lisa H Carter
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Barts Family Four Generations


I go way back with the Barts Family! Donald used to work, or rather PLAY with my day back when they raced stock cars. Then I had the pleasure of photographing Jackie and Steven's wedding and Greg's girls were photographed as babies thru their first year in my studio. Now Jackie and Steven are proud parents of this handsome little guy Charlie! Jackie loves her portraits and her family and this session will forever be a memory to look back on. Tobacco has been the hard labor and income for the family thru generations and made a perfect set for the session! Charlie will have a TREASURE with these images! 

Saturday, September 03, 2016
By Lisa H Carter
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Aren't you just loving the Cool air and feeling the change in seasons upon us!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016
By Lisa H Carter
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Class of 2017 .......Check this out!


SUMMER is coming to an end, and FALL has become the favorite time for SENIOR PORTRAITS and we are booking up fast!

We love our SENIORS!!!!  Do you like the county or city? Whats your favorite thing to do? Let us tell your story!

Call us to book a consultation so we can make your session PERFECT for you!

Saturday, August 06, 2016
By Lisa H Carter
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Wouldn't you Love to have a Beautiful Custom Album of your wedding day?



With so many couples choosing to go off to a destination for their wedding, the full service of a wedding album from the images captured is not usually part of the deal. Digital photography has also lead to many photographers offering digital only collections. This seems like an awesome thing at the time, but where do those images end up? Most of the time they are loaded to a computer or the CD is stuck away in a drawer and rarely gets pulled out to look at. This is so sad to me! I have both my children's wedding albums on my book case in my living room. The kids often pull them out and love looking back at the memories from their day. The grandchildren especially love to look through them now! 

 I offer a service to design and print custom albums for clients in need of this. Yes, even though I didn't take those photographs I can still design your album for you! 

Give me a call, I'd Love to talk to you! 


Album Design

Did you end up with digital images from your wedding? Would you love to have a custom wedding album designed and professionally printed just for you?