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Friday, February 14, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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Donna Hudson

#2 in our PROJECT


Anyone that has the pleasure of knowing Donna knows just what a fun, lively, sweet lady she is. She was so much fun in her session and we shared many laughs and stories!

While Ashley was doing her makeup and hair, she said " This is so fun, I feel pretty and can't even see myself !"  We all LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!! This is what its all about!!

Donna loves to oil paint, read, and travel. She retired as Chief Deputy Treasurer of Pittsylvania County in 2016. She is so funny, she said " People hated tax collectors even in the biblical times" LOL!!!!! She also worked at Dan River Mills and Goodyear. 

She has been married for 51 years and whats even more remarkable is they were both only 16 years old when they got married! They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. She shared this experience with her daughter Heather and granddaughter Holly....they came to help her make her selections. Holly helped her pick out her outfits and stopped in for the beginning of her session. It was so sweet having her here to support her grandmother. 


Me: What's the best part of being over 50? 

Donna: The wisdom and experience life has given us to handle situations. 

Me: What advise would you have your 20 year old self? 

Donna: Don't hide in anybodies shadow! Make your own decisions and never let anyone make you doubt your self worth. 




Monday, February 10, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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Let me introduce you to our first lady in our 50 over 50 project! 

Debra Dockery 


If you enjoy attending Festival in the Park or our Harvest Jubilee, chances are you may have seen Debra working these events. She loves music and she loves people so this is something that brings her joy! She has volunteered for over 15 years! She loves the concerts at the Carrington Pavillion in Danville, Va. and often is a greeter at the gate! Did I say she loves DANCING.....can't leave that part out for sure!!! If there is a dance floor, you bet she will be on the floor showing all her moves.

Debra is also a savvy business women! She owns two businesses in our area. She purchased COMPUTER BOOKEEPING & TAX SERVICE in 2000 after working there since 1994. They serve over 1200 clients that are more like family! She also owns and operates CURVES at 2380 Riverside Drive. She was a member and when the owner was going to move out of the area and put the business up for sale, she decided this was for her. YOU BELIEVE IN IT, THAT'S ENOUGH.....she really loves helping women find a way to improve their health.

She also attends Dan River Church and runs the Cafe' where she's serving coffee and juice on Sunday morning and gets to say good morning to everyone before the service. 

Debra has been on a journey to better health and has recently lost 30 pounds. Why not celebrate this!!! 

Debra is a wife, married 30 years to Doc , and a mother to one son, Jeremy. 



Me: "Whats the best part of being a woman over 50?"

Debra: "You know yourself, and don't care what other's think! " 


Me: " What advise would you give your 20 year old self?"

Debra: " Don't hold back going for your Dreams!! 60 is closer than you think! " 

Monday, February 05, 2018
By Lisa H Carter
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Last fall while I was busy with my Senior Portrait sessions this crazy coincidence happened and I just had to share this story!  I got a text message from a client while she was in Tennessee.....She saw this really interesting vintage dress in an antique shop. She texted the photo and price tag to me. I thought ....."hmmmmmm what could I use that for?" I didn't text her back right away but kept thinking if I would really ever use it or was it worth that investment.  Then knowing that my friend Rose Shields was also working hard to get the big fundraiser yard sale ready for the DPWA I texted her reminding her if anyone donated any formal dresses, or prom dresses to keep me in mind. I have been working on building a wardrobe for my Allure sessions and always trying to keep an eye out for a good deal on dresses to add to that collection. Well she sent me back a message........Could you use this???  and it was the EXACT SAME DRESS!!!!!! I said to myself NO WAY!!!! So, I ask her how much for the dress, it seemed obvious someone was sending me a message that I needed to have this DRESS!!! She said how about $8? I said absolutely and picked it up at the sale. 

Fast forward a few weeks and one of my Senior clients was looking to do something really unique and when she came to the studio and saw the dress she fell in LOVE! 

Sometimes things just come to us for a reason that we may not understand fully at the moment but somehow always works out perfectly!!!! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
By Lisa H Carter
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In today's image driven, social media age, its so important to have yourself portrayed in great photos! You will be searched out for business opportunities thru LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. If you're in business for yourself you want your target market to find you approachable and interesting and someone they want to know and do business with! YES, its important to have professional images taken of yourself and also to update them OFTEN! 


Have you ever went to hear a speaker you've admired and the image you had seen on the advertisement was NOT the person you saw?? You know, it was the best image of them..... 20 years ago!!!  We all know those speakers! So, whether you're in real estate or the medical field, if your photos are used on business cards, brochures, or your social media pages, they should be current and up to date, and "selfies" just don't say "professional!"

Let me help you showcase the BEST YOU TODAY! 


Friday, March 03, 2017
By Lisa H Carter
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Senior Portraits 


These are some of the awesome seniors I worked with last year for the graduating class of 2017! The girls are loving the added styling of having a professional do their hair and makeup before their session. I am super excited about starting to shoot Class of 2018! I have some new ideas to introduce this year and Im currently looking for my 2018 Model Team! Do you know a fun, unique, inspiring senior to be?? Watch for details coming soon!