Mary's 50/50 session
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Thursday, March 05, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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Mary Kent's 

50 over 50 session

Let me introduce our 5th lady in our project! 


Mary is new to Danville, and has only been living here a year and a half. She is married to her collage sweetheart and they have 2 children, a son living in Baltimore and a daughter living in Knoxsville. Mary's husband retired from the Army after 30 years and recently took a position at our hospital. They have moved 16 times in their marriage, living in Washington State, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska and Germany to name a few!!! 

   Mary has a degree in Hospital Administration, a degree in Library Science, and a Degree in Nursing. She is currently enjoying working with Wilkins & Company as an administrative assistant. It was awesome hearing her express what a joy it is to work in an environment  she enjoys and with people who are so nice to be around. 

I have loved getting to know Mary thru this project. She is a natural beauty and I loved that she came in owning it! Her long natural gray hair and she doesn't wear makeup at all. She wanted to be sure we would not over do the transformation process. I was delighted to keep her true to herself and celebrate her true beauty. I did twist her arm a little and she allowed us to do makeup! :) ( just a little natural look ) She is stunning and a beautiful soul also. 



Me: Whats the best part of being over 50?

Mary: Knowing how to prioritize your time and that its more important choosing WHO I spend time with. 

Me: What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Mary: Always know you do have the power to make your life what you want it to be! 





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Marla simms - I have know this lady since we were both Freshmen in college! She is a stunning beauty in all ways and you have shown a light on her! Bravo!