Diane's Celebration
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Tuesday, March 10, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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#6 in our 50 over 50 project

Diane Tu

I met this beautiful lady 6 years ago when I first started offering my Allure Sessions. It was October of 2013, Breast cancer awareness month and she wanted to celebrate three years of being cancer free. I was touched by her story and her strength then and was honored to be able to photograph her and document this milestone in her journey!

Since that time, we've become friends, and Ive photographed her family and her son Shane's senior portraits! Remember the Steampunk senior models?  When she broke the news that the cancer had returned in December of 2016 my heart broke for her and her family! Im sure this news hit HARD, but she never showed that struggle, or at least I never saw it. I watched her post and she told me about the surgeries ahead, but what I saw was a women LIVING LIFE full force and with her family. I watched them travel, and go to many concerts.....the family sold their home in Danville and moved to the beach. I just loved that she choose to LIVE and LOVE and make every minute count. 

She has had a total hysterectomy, double mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries since this second battle began. 

When she saw my 50 over 50 project she reached out and said LISA, its been another 3 years cancer free and Id love to do another session to celebrate. Even though she has not reached the golden age of 50, I feel her journey this life has presented to her and this milestone should be included in my project! This is the power of photographs.....why my job is so much more than a JOB. 


Diane has been married to Cheng since Sept.21, 1996

She has 2 son's, Shane and Sean. 



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