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Thursday, August 20, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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# 9 in our 50 over 50 Project

Janine Eanes

    Janine was in need of a new Business Headshot and google led her to our website. She found the 50 over 50 project and said she thought this would be a great way to celebrate her birthday and also get the PR Headshot she needed. It was great to get back to photographing this project that took an abrupt halt for Covid in March when things shut down. Her session was on her BIRTHDAY and we had a great time! 

Janine recently moved to our area from South Carolina for her current job at UNC as the human resource manager. Her husband John is from Danville, although they met and married while living in South Carolina. They were introduced thru his niece as she met Janine at work in the hospital and thought they'd be a good match! She was correct and they hit it off and wedding plans soon followed. This happy time in her life was interrupted with the dreaded C-word when Janine was diagnosed Cancer and had to undergo 6 weeks of radiation while planning her big day! They didn't let this stop the plans and her final radiation treatment was the week before the September 9, 2006 wedding date. 

John also blessed her with family as he has one child and 3 grandchildren, now her family. 

Janine was a delight to work with, and her story touched my heart. Just read her answers the the questions below.

Questions asked:

Me: Whats the best part of being over 50?

Janine: With life experiences you get perspective!!! Making Memories with those you love is much more meaningful than material gifts. 

Me: What advise would you give your 20 year old self if you could? 

Janine: " It's going to be OK? Blessings will come from things you think are horrible at the time." 



Tuesday, April 21, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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#8 in our 50 over 50 Project

Kim Davis

When Kim came to the studio for her consultation you'd thought we have been friends forever. Her smile was contagious and her personality so fun and happy!

She is a native of Danville and is employed at Comcast where she has worked for 37 years!

 She is a proud mother of 2 daughters and a son ( in the marines ) and 3 beautiful granddaughters aging from 6 months to 6 years old.



ME: Whats the best part about being over 50?

Kim: I've raised my kids to be successful adults and not I have time to enjoy life and spend time with my husband. 

ME: What advice would you give your 20 year old self? 

Kim: Don't look back, push forward and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! Don't let people stand in your way! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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#7 in our 50 over 50 Project

Linda Owens

I met Linda when she found her husband Ronnie. He had known my family for years and they came together in 2012 and ask me to photograph them for their engagement and something for thier wedding. I went back in my archives to find that session so I could share it here for you. 

Linda was born and raised in Chase City and moved here in 1980. She and Ronnie have been married for 8 years. She has two sons, Jason and Neil and four grandkids, 2 girls and 2 boys. They love to camp and so do her boys so its often a family get away for all. Some favorite destinations are Tennesse, Florida and beaches on the East Coast (Myrtle, Emerald Isle) She also enjoys knitting, crochet and photography.


Linda has worked for Hughes Memorial Foundation since 1988 as Executive Director. They offer grants and scholarships for area kids. She also has her own business, LBO Consulting where she assist with business accounting. This business was established in 2000. 



ME: Whats the best part about being over 50?

Linda: Accepting yourself for who you are and being happy with who you are! 

ME: What advice would you give your 20 year old self? 

Linda: It all gets better. Live and learn from mistakes and move on! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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#6 in our 50 over 50 project

Diane Tu

I met this beautiful lady 6 years ago when I first started offering my Allure Sessions. It was October of 2013, Breast cancer awareness month and she wanted to celebrate three years of being cancer free. I was touched by her story and her strength then and was honored to be able to photograph her and document this milestone in her journey!

Since that time, we've become friends, and Ive photographed her family and her son Shane's senior portraits! Remember the Steampunk senior models?  When she broke the news that the cancer had returned in December of 2016 my heart broke for her and her family! Im sure this news hit HARD, but she never showed that struggle, or at least I never saw it. I watched her post and she told me about the surgeries ahead, but what I saw was a women LIVING LIFE full force and with her family. I watched them travel, and go to many concerts.....the family sold their home in Danville and moved to the beach. I just loved that she choose to LIVE and LOVE and make every minute count. 

She has had a total hysterectomy, double mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries since this second battle began. 

When she saw my 50 over 50 project she reached out and said LISA, its been another 3 years cancer free and Id love to do another session to celebrate. Even though she has not reached the golden age of 50, I feel her journey this life has presented to her and this milestone should be included in my project! This is the power of photographs.....why my job is so much more than a JOB. 


Diane has been married to Cheng since Sept.21, 1996

She has 2 son's, Shane and Sean. 



Thursday, March 05, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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Mary Kent's 

50 over 50 session

Let me introduce our 5th lady in our project! 


Mary is new to Danville, and has only been living here a year and a half. She is married to her collage sweetheart and they have 2 children, a son living in Baltimore and a daughter living in Knoxsville. Mary's husband retired from the Army after 30 years and recently took a position at our hospital. They have moved 16 times in their marriage, living in Washington State, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska and Germany to name a few!!! 

   Mary has a degree in Hospital Administration, a degree in Library Science, and a Degree in Nursing. She is currently enjoying working with Wilkins & Company as an administrative assistant. It was awesome hearing her express what a joy it is to work in an environment  she enjoys and with people who are so nice to be around. 

I have loved getting to know Mary thru this project. She is a natural beauty and I loved that she came in owning it! Her long natural gray hair and she doesn't wear makeup at all. She wanted to be sure we would not over do the transformation process. I was delighted to keep her true to herself and celebrate her true beauty. I did twist her arm a little and she allowed us to do makeup! :) ( just a little natural look ) She is stunning and a beautiful soul also. 



Me: Whats the best part of being over 50?

Mary: Knowing how to prioritize your time and that its more important choosing WHO I spend time with. 

Me: What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Mary: Always know you do have the power to make your life what you want it to be!