Today Show 10/14/16
Saturday, October 15, 2016
By Lisa H Carter
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Friday Morning as I had my coffee and watched the Today Show, they shared a heart wrenching story of a family battling cancer. We are in October with Breast Cancer Awareness month and so many families are effected by this across our great county. As I watched and my heart ached as her story was told I was reminded again of just how important my job as a professional photographer really is!

The one wish this beautiful woman wanted was a FAMILY PORTRAIT! They hired a local photographer and took her and her family out for a session. WATCH the story.........So many people only feel the importance of portraits when they loose a family member or they know a loved one will not be around much longer. They run into fires to save wedding albums and baby albums and all the memories they have in photographs. You see people in flooded areas trying to salvage just one photograph! It POWERFUL....we need our printed memories, we can't go back and recreate those years.

So, I have to ask, WHY??? Why when things are good do people not see the importance? Why is a few hundred dollars too much to spend on something so irreplaceable, so uniquely one of a kind, so valuable to the people who treasure them? When was the last time you had a family portrait made? 

We are in a digital world now, and more images are stored on devices and never printed. These devices will become obsolete in a few years...CD's and DVD's are already on the way out, just like VHS and other previous media. PRINT your images, share them, back them up, and support your local Photographers. 

Exist in photographs for your family! 

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