Monday, February 05, 2018
By Lisa H Carter
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Last fall while I was busy with my Senior Portrait sessions this crazy coincidence happened and I just had to share this story!  I got a text message from a client while she was in Tennessee.....She saw this really interesting vintage dress in an antique shop. She texted the photo and price tag to me. I thought ....."hmmmmmm what could I use that for?" I didn't text her back right away but kept thinking if I would really ever use it or was it worth that investment.  Then knowing that my friend Rose Shields was also working hard to get the big fundraiser yard sale ready for the DPWA I texted her reminding her if anyone donated any formal dresses, or prom dresses to keep me in mind. I have been working on building a wardrobe for my Allure sessions and always trying to keep an eye out for a good deal on dresses to add to that collection. Well she sent me back a message........Could you use this???  and it was the EXACT SAME DRESS!!!!!! I said to myself NO WAY!!!! So, I ask her how much for the dress, it seemed obvious someone was sending me a message that I needed to have this DRESS!!! She said how about $8? I said absolutely and picked it up at the sale. 

Fast forward a few weeks and one of my Senior clients was looking to do something really unique and when she came to the studio and saw the dress she fell in LOVE! 

Sometimes things just come to us for a reason that we may not understand fully at the moment but somehow always works out perfectly!!!! 

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Ed Haynes - Great work Lisa!