Days of FILM
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
By Lisa H Carter
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 The GOOD Ole Days of FILM has come back to visit me this week. I pulled out all the negatives from weddings that I photographed before going digital and offered them to my clients. It has been a wonderful trip down memory lane for many!!! The laughs looking back at the styles from a decade ago, the kids that have grown up, what a joy!

I also had a client reach out to me looking for a way to print from some negatives she found that she had never seen. Today she stopped by to see these for the FIRST TIME!! Wow, what a treasure to find these memories of her childhood and her family. Photographs she has never seen before! What a great feeling it is to have been able to help her. Thanks Francine for letting me share these! 

So, the time and effort that Ive taken to try and get the negatives into my clients hands is WORTH IT!! Yes, its not an easy job, and it has taken valuable time to do this. I just hope one day someone will find these negatives and get to revisit a time that they may not even remember, or see family they never got to meet. 

PHOTOGRAPHY is powerful!!! Memories are PRICELESS!!!

I am blessed to have been in this profession for the years I have. PRINT you photos even if they are just cellphone snaps...#exsistinphotos Be in the photos with your children and grandchildren. Someday, they will love to have these memories to look back on! 

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