Personal Branding
Tuesday, April 18, 2017
By Lisa H Carter
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In today's image driven, social media age, its so important to have yourself portrayed in great photos! You will be searched out for business opportunities thru LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. If you're in business for yourself you want your target market to find you approachable and interesting and someone they want to know and do business with! YES, its important to have professional images taken of yourself and also to update them OFTEN! 


Have you ever went to hear a speaker you've admired and the image you had seen on the advertisement was NOT the person you saw?? You know, it was the best image of them..... 20 years ago!!!  We all know those speakers! So, whether you're in real estate or the medical field, if your photos are used on business cards, brochures, or your social media pages, they should be current and up to date, and "selfies" just don't say "professional!"

Let me help you showcase the BEST YOU TODAY! 


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Lisa Carter - Jasmin,
I'd be happy to help you with your business photos. Can you share a number and time you can talk to go over what your looking for?
Jasmin McCormick - Need a business photo shoot but it will be multiple people in it
Lisa Carter - Give me a call, I'd be happy to help!
Lori Moore - We need someone to take professional photos for the whole office! (Insurance agents)