Lynn's 50/50
Friday, February 28, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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Lynn Ross

#4 in our 50/50 Project

When Lynn came in for her consultation before her session, I was so touched by her story! One of the harder parts of being over 50 is we often find ourselves in the roll of a caregiver for our aging parents. She is blessed to still have her mom who is 90 years old. We often get so busy trying to juggle our jobs, our homes, and doing the best we can for our parents in their time of needs. Lynn really needed a day to be pampered and made to feel special and to see just how beautiful she is!!! 

WE IMMEDIATELY CONNECTED.....Lynn is a beautiful spirit!! 


   Lynn moved to Danville in 1983 and worked as an event coordinator for Stradford Conference Center. She is currently employed by Woodall Chevrolet where she's worked for the past 12 years. She has been married, but is a single lady at this time in her life. She has one son and two grandchildren, an 18 year old granddaughter and 16 year old grandson. 

   We had a really awesome day together creating her images! She brought me lots of fun outfits and let us style her just a little differently than her day to day look. She was a little unsure about the curls, but WOW!!!! Just look how amazing she looks!    



Me: Whats the best part of being over 50?

Lynn:  The best part of being a woman over 50 was finding myself.. my strengths and my blessings. I learned to never just settle for less than I deserve and you can't depend on someone else to make you happy...your life and piece of mind comes from within yourself.


Me: What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Lynn: "Listen to your head instead of your heart! Plan for your retirement, and find a job that has retirement plan. Spend more time enjoying your son instead of working more hours to support him."

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Lisa Carter - Thank you, and I agree with you! It was awesome working with Lynn and getting to know her!
Chrystal Toone - These pictures are beautiful and really express her great personality