Donna's 50/50 session
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Friday, February 14, 2020
By Lisa H Carter
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Donna Hudson

#2 in our PROJECT


Anyone that has the pleasure of knowing Donna knows just what a fun, lively, sweet lady she is. She was so much fun in her session and we shared many laughs and stories!

While Ashley was doing her makeup and hair, she said " This is so fun, I feel pretty and can't even see myself !"  We all LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!! This is what its all about!!

Donna loves to oil paint, read, and travel. She retired as Chief Deputy Treasurer of Pittsylvania County in 2016. She is so funny, she said " People hated tax collectors even in the biblical times" LOL!!!!! She also worked at Dan River Mills and Goodyear. 

She has been married for 51 years and whats even more remarkable is they were both only 16 years old when they got married! They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. She shared this experience with her daughter Heather and granddaughter Holly....they came to help her make her selections. Holly helped her pick out her outfits and stopped in for the beginning of her session. It was so sweet having her here to support her grandmother. 


Me: What's the best part of being over 50? 

Donna: The wisdom and experience life has given us to handle situations. 

Me: What advise would you have your 20 year old self? 

Donna: Don't hide in anybodies shadow! Make your own decisions and never let anyone make you doubt your self worth. 




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